Issue II – Archive


Dear Reader,


Worth Stealing by Frances Quinn

Sandycove by Justine Carbery

Aqua Virgo by Maebh Butler

Night Scene by Michael Donohue

Exit by Paola Benevides

Changes by Ross Evans

Galahad With The Old Man by Shane McDonnell

The Furthest Distance Between Two Stars by Sophie Nichols

Under Water by Zanny Jacobsen

Non Fiction

Behind the Beaded Curtain by Bolutito Ibikunle

WackyBrack by Jack Mooney

Shoe On The Side Of The Bridge by Killian Troy

‘Tread Softly Because you Tread on My Dreams’: Love in the Age of Quarantine by Tadgh Dolan


The Hollow by Alexandra Varley

Honey By Aoife McLoughlin

Willow By Ayshe-Mira Yashin

Bread By Brianna Levy

The Old Man and The Stars By Christa de Brún

Change By Danielle Holian

Loose Knots by Devin Slaney

The Freedom of Flight By Fiona Cassim

The Blinds By Jolee Sullivan

More Than My Fruit By Jordan De La Garza

Navigation By Kelly Michels

One Day Only by Mark Jackson

Homecoming By Lucy Mackarel

UCD Haiku By Mary O’Neill


An Interview with Cecelia Ahern

An Interview with Tom Allen

Team Book Reviews

Adeleine Trombley (Non-Fiction Editor): The Library Book by Susan Orlean

Billie Lyons (Social Media Manager): Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Chloë O’Brien (Managing Editor): Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Cormac Kelly (Fiction Editor): Reaffirming Magic in Stephen King’s On Writing

Darius Apetrei – (Fiction Editor): Kafka on the Shore and My Fear of Being Forgotten

Eva Mc Kenna – (Art and Photography Editor): Diary of an Oxygen Thief- Karma’s revenge on the Recovered

Katie McCormick (Poetry Editor): Red, White & Royal Blue: Redefining Romance

Luke Mcmenamin (Chief Editor) The Hobbit and The Art Of Sounding It Out.

Art & Photography

Aleksandra Kundakovic Radojicic


Ayshe-Mira Yashin

Bolutito Adanma Ibikunle

Cupid Fitzgerald

Daniel W.

Jean Barnhart

Morgan Hegarty

Paola Benevides

Rachel Druett

Rachel Kavanagh

Rachel O’Sullivan

Stefania Raus

Yasmine Salloum

Editorial note: Unfortunately at the time of compiling this archive we are unable to find the order in which these posts were originally arranged. As such the decision has been made to list them alphabetically by the first name of the author or creator within each category.