By Mary O’Neill

7 October 2020 on UCD campus


Fluttering Leaves

Freshening face

Midst concrete and cars

A forest path

Fragrance fresh and green

Bare tree standing stark


Among green foliage

Mud-sucking shoe-sticking



University in pandemic

People sparse

All quiet, low-key, spacious

Surprised by heat

On entering glass porch

Sun blest

A secluded stream

Trickling slow

Sequestering debris

Dog trotting tall on tippy toes

Ears cocked, eyes bright


Red berries reach

Out to greet

The passer-by

Outdoor biology class

Or is it horticulture?

Some bored, some giddy

Tiny spider

Traverses my thumb tip

As I type on my phone

Mary O’Neill MA is an IACAT-accredited Art Psychotherapist practising in Dublin. Her haiku ‘journey’ started on UCD campus last October during Covid19, capturing moments that delight or intrigue.  She also likes making art in a variety of media.

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