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Submissions for Issue IX will open in Autumn

We are accepting writings on all topics in the following literary categories:

  • Poetry, written or spoken*
  • Fiction– up to 2500 words.
  • Flash fiction– less than 1000 words.
  • Non-fiction – up to 2500 words (essays, interviews, book reviews etc.).

We are also accepting art and photography submissions. These pieces will be displayed alongside the literary pieces, with one submission being used as the cover art. Please submit art and/or photography of any theme or medium, and use our prompt as inspiration!

Suggested Prompt: What does Journey mean to you?

Note: With our goal of diversity in mind, we are welcoming entries in all languages, however we do request that you provide a translation for the piece in English as well. 

*We are a digital journal so have the capability to include videos and voice recordings if you feel either of those express your piece better than printed text.

Some important submission guidelines to be aware of:

  • We are accepting previously published pieces however we kindly ask that you let us know where and when your piece has been published previously, we also ask that if you are submitting the same pieces to other journals that you let us know if any are accepted.
  • You may submit one fiction submission, one non-fiction submission and one flash fiction submission, and up to 5 poetry and art submissions.
  • Please specify which category of writing you are submitting (e.g. poetry, flash fiction, etc.).
  • Written pieces will only be accepted as a Word or Google document (with each separate entry being a separate document) in .docx format.
  • Photographs and artwork will only be accepted as .jpeg or .png files.
  • Files must be titled in the following format: AuthorName_Category_SubmissionNumber.docx (e.g. ColmOShea_FlashFiction_3.docx).
  • Please include a short bio about yourself in the email (circa 100 words) along with your name and preferred pronouns.
  • Anonymous submissions are more than welcome!
  • Please include trigger warnings where appropriate.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday 3rd of March 2024, please send your work to

We cannot wait to read your work!

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