By Jordan De La Garza

I pushed my way through the dirt

Reaching for the rumored sun

I struggled to breathe the morning air

As the day had just begun

I grew a few leaves

And a couple roots

I was small and green

With no sign of fruit

Alone I waited

Alone I grew

I thought if I was tall enough

I could see if the sky was really blue.

Until one day

You watched as I blossomed on the branch

You waited until I ripened on the tree

You reached to pluck my fruit

And You consumed me

After you had your fill of me

You threw away my seeds

You left to find another tree

You did not look back at me

But still I continued to grow

My leaves reached for the sky

My roots grew firm and deep

As the seasons passed me by

My tree is now tall and strong

My fruit hangs heavy and low

I no longer cry when they fall

I know my leaves will come and go.

Jordan de la Garza wrote this poem as a reflection of her experience with men. She no longer feels quite so vulnerable, but we’ve all been little saplings at one point or another. Jordan is now in college and has finally worked up the courage to send out her work.

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