By Danielle Holian

change starts with me

as I unravel myself

from the generational curse chains

and begin to offload

slowly grounding myself

in an outstanding manner

knowing I’m worth it

repeating affirmations

as this is all new to me

as all I have ever known

is the reckless manners of life

to test me many times

and I fail

I want to grow beyond what’s expected

I want to see the world in bright lights

rather than a dull delight

I want to sing and dance in the rain

without being drenched in pain

I want to glow and feel the heat of the sun

on my pale skin

rather than being locked away inside

with my only company being depression

by my side along with the anxious disruptions

that consume my every move

freezing me in time

I want to melt away

and escape the foolish selfishness

of the wicked

and remember my purpose:

change starts with me.

 Danielle Holian is an Irish writer and photographer, born in the West of Ireland. She studied media in college, moving on to flourish her creativity through art. She is author of poetry books Beautifully Chaotic, and The Dilemma. And is currently working on her third book.

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