Dear Reader

Feeling Sexy by Stephanie Powell

Worm by Emily Linehan

From Mother To Daughter by Audrey Moyer

The Ranch by Ciara Broderick

A Wasp Jar by Luke Breen

The Eater by Oscar Blair

Jasmine Rice by Natasha Hyunh

The Confessional “I Can’t Swim” by Selene Hoffstetter

Por Que Não Continuamos A Brincar? by Tiago Moni, translation: Why Don’t We Carry On Playing? by Tiago Monni

And Yet It Moves by Tim Callanan

These Words Are Queer by Morgan Lyons

Dial Up by Samantha Hodge

The Little White Rose by Kaitlyn Gallo-Cover

A Red Eye For Details by Asia Fontanarosa

Dandelion by Elle Tan Villa

If I Die Before They Do by Tiffany Ching-Han Chang

An Ode To Water by Molly Kehoe

Fall Storm by Louisa Klatt

“Belonging at UCD”: Interview with Dr. Emma Farrell by Colm O’Shea

Grandad, In Love by Ashling O’Connor

The First Wax Drip by Charline Chatelain

Damp by Cathal Brogan

Losing Sight by Sarah Roberts

Dance of Death by Katharina Laukner

Fixed Signs by Siobhan McLaughlin

Memories From A Youth’s Anger by Jom Thongprasong

Bringing In The Hay by Barbara Dunne

Fading Echoes: The Puzzles Of My Mind by Luna Adasha

She by Catherine Murray

Jaśmina by Maria Wojaczek

Adam’s Atom by Anna O’Flynn

A Conversation with Sara Bennett of Fighting Words by Chloe Gahan

The Universe’s True Masterpiece by Dearbhla Brady

Autumn Storms by Hannah-Rose Lynham

Vitamin C by Pluto Diamond

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