The Universe’s True Masterpiece

written by Dearbhla Brady. Dearbhla (she/her) is in her final year studying English and History at UCD. She writes mainly poetry and short stories in her spare time, she does this as both a creative outlet and as a way of simply seeing what she can do with the ideas in her head.

I tried to be a true poet today

And be moved by the natural masterpiece

Of our world,

It’s Beauty.

This was when the pour of rain started,

And I intended to meditate on the melody of its drops,

But all I could compare it to was your tears.

I have never wanted our universe’s natural music to crumble.

How its tones used to calm me.

Now, I am on my knees screaming at the clouds to stop hurting you.

For it couldn’t just be rain,

It had to be part of you.

Then I simply got angry.

People could not have seen 

the seven wonders of the world or any true beauty.

For they have not seen you.

How could the oceans be our universe’s painting?

The oceans are only perfected in your eyes.

Similarly, how could the rain be our universe’s music?

When I have been held to your chest and heard your heartbeat.

If my father is right, 

And God created  Earth in seven days.

He could not have possibly rested on the seventh.

For he would need all that time to sculpt your perfection.The universe’s true masterpiece.

Image: Untitled 4 by Harsh Khatri

Being a single father of two, Harsh (he/him) explores his creative side through the form of photography. He takes great pride in this as he wishes to share his outlook on the world through a camera lens and to inspire young and old to take up photography.