written by Louisa Klatt. Louisa (she/her) is a 28-year-old PhD researcher at the University of Galway who is originally from the North of Germany and loves cinnamon rolls almost as much as writing. She is currently developing a research project that combines creative writing, constitutional law, and experimental jurisprudence.”

how is the wind

in the shelves?

she asks the empty room

the wood cracks in response

autumn leaves rustle

the trees bend under pressure

a change in the weather

it’s as if the house breathes

the walls parting lips as if

to say


and then changing their minds

a pause

seagulls screeching in the distance

how did the wind

crack the ceiling?

she asks the black lines

criss-crossing the height

they breathe in unison



and the room

Image: Untitled 5 by Clodagh Conneally

Clodagh is a tourism and languages graduate. They enjoy visiting new places and see the beauty everywhere they go. They describe themselves as a bit of a memory hoarder so they love to take photographs to immortalise everywhere they go.