written by Stephanie Powell (she/her). Stephanie is a poet based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her latest poetry collection is Gentle Creatures (Vagabond Press, 2023).

Feeling sexy, but the garden needs weeding and I am pulling up bastard clovers, thistle.

Feeling sexy in the bath too small for the both of us and I can hear you making dinner, talking to

the dog.

Feeling sexy? Bending over to scoop up my knickers, rolls of stomach like cloud on thighs,

nipples touching my knees one heel raised in an awkward dance as you are watching by the

doorway anyway are we feeling


Image: Mignon by Penny Stuart

Penny (she/her) is passionate about good writing and creating art in a group setting. She loves to experiment with words and art in weekly lifedrawing workshops. Currently she is making her own book of fine art prints with James Joyce words from ‘Dubliners’ short story ‘The Dead’ as inspiration.