writen by Pluto Diamond. Pluto (she/her) is a 20 year old Mechanical Engineering student (currently taking a gap year). She has been writing poetry for a little over a year now and has been using it as a medium to put her very healthy orange obsession (amongst other things) into words.

I do not wear my heart on my sleeve.

Rather, I present it with both hands in the form of an orange.

A clementine to be exact.

One half for you, one for me. 

But as I watch you devour your portion, I am filled with regret.

Suddenly, I wish I had given you mine.

For every sweet section is but another piece of me,

I want you to have them all.

Image: Rows and Flows of Angel Hair by Penny Stuart

Penny (she/her) is passionate about good writing and creating art in a group setting. She loves to experiment with words and art in weekly lifedrawing workshops. Currently she is making her own book of fine art prints with James Joyce words from ‘Dubliners’ short story ‘The Dead’ as inspiration.