written by Catherine Murray. Catherine (she/her) is 40 years old and lives in Stoneybatter. She’s a single gay mum to a 7 year old son. She started writing when her mum died in 1996, she was 12. She has written poems for people who’ve lost people they love.

To hear the bird’s sing ever more clear, 

To dream her, to wish she was near, 

To see star’s glisten in the dark skies, 

I felt something when I looked in her eyes, 

To yearn for her, to long for only she, 

To feel so alive within, now I can finally breathe. 

To hear music as loud as never before, 

To want only her, she is all I adore, 

I believe it now, I believe what they say, 

I feel it somehow, by chance in a day, 

To crave her body, to see only she, 

To wait in the darkness, for the light it is she, 

Heart is pounding hard, jumping out of my chest, 

Butterflies in my stomach, this feeling is the best, 

To feel rich with love without a crown, 

Her smile doth brighten, her beauty doth shine, 

Her aura is glowing, her true beauty blue as the sea, 

My river is fluid and flowing until it reaches she.

Image: Untitled 3 by Clodagh Conneally

Clodagh is a tourism and languages graduate. They enjoy visiting new places and see the beauty everywhere they go. They describe themselves as a bit of a memory hoarder so they love to take photographs to immortalise everywhere they go.