written by Sarah Roberts. Sarah (she/her) is a multidisciplinary, internationally recognized artist and published poet from Waterford, Ireland. She creates hard hitting and powerful pieces by pulling content from her life’s experiences and she uses her love of nature to balance her work. Praise often follows her poetry for being the words that many feel but are too fearful to voice themselves. To have only emerged last year she feels her current successes to date make for a promising future that she looks forward to.

Time moves quickly as of late 

And so does she. 

Wondering if she can catch herself. 

Questions if she should. 

Alone and free of performance 

She lifts her face to the sun, 

Allowing the warmth to bathe her skin. 

Then grants herself permission to breathe. 

She holds her breath a lot these days. 

So much so, 

She fears taking air will kill her. 

A dreamer. 

Preserved in hope but lost in fate, 


Taking counsel from the wind 

And prays for insanity to save her.

Image: Untitled 1 by Robin Mentel

Robin (he/him) has been doing photography for about 5 years now, and it has since been become a passionate of his. Robin tries to dip their toes into all kinds of photography, but became fond of portrait, abstract, and wildlife photography.