written by Luke Breen. Luke (he/him) is a second year Classics, English & History student in UCD. As a bisexual man, he found himself often stuck between two worlds. The themes of antiquity he believe hold quite well to this feeling, the cusp between life and death, love and hatred, honour and dishonour. The interim between two worlds of hetero and homo-sexualitity and questions of identity, are what he imagines every bisexual person tackles on a regular basis. Luke started writing initially as a release of pent up emotion but now it has become much more. What he fails to express in words, he can do so through the written word. 

Are we everlasting?

Preserve me like the mead

Of sweet honey,

I am sour, in the wasp jar.

Each murky morn,

As a child.

Into the overdone hedgerow, I ran,

Jars in hand.

To land a wasp in one

When he was caught,

He buzzed and stung,

But the glass fought.

And kept as the wasp lunged,

Encased in a clear gaol

The judge held a thin stick

And the wasp stare, furious, thick.

Giggled delight, at our captive we won.

The wasp buzzed a bitter song.

The wasp struggled

Attempted to break from captivity.

Futile, but he never gave way.

Always kept up the charade.

What is the wasp’s purpose?

Stuck in a jar.

He could die but never gave way,

Never lost face.

So I would free him

From his invisible gaol.

Free, he would not fight.

Simply fly, to the winding winds above.

I was caught once,

A later time.

But she came,

She knocked my glass.

Shattered, free,

My judge stopped the games

Unlocked the weary wasp’s gaol.

The wasp, and I, flew off

Do not put me back

Keep my honey mead


Image: Untitled 2 by Harsh Khatri

Being a single father of two, Harsh (he/him) explores his creative side through the form of photography. He takes great pride in this as he wishes to share his outlook on the world through a camera lens and to inspire young and old to take up photography.