written by Audrey Moyer. Audrey (she/her) is a second-year Creative Writing student at UCD.

I watch you

run to your father

sand tossed in your wake

So full of stardust and joy

so lucky are you

to run to a father

giggles harmonizing with the waves

I too had a childhood full

of shrieks and running

effortless sunshine

I too used to sing like a siren

luring in love without thought

for the consequences

It was later that the weather turned

lightning shattering my skull

and when I came to I found

a trident in my father’s fist

commanding the storm

All this to say that

I hope your life remains

of salt air and smiles

the clap of thunder silenced

For how could it sound, with all your beauty?

You are the ocean in all its entirety

Yet my mother felt the same about me

but poetic musings are never enough

The nature of weather and

the nature of man

are equally indestructible

and equally destructive

Image: Untitled 4 by Conor Bailey

Conor Bailey is a final year History and Politics student and they enjoy taking photos. They prefer to take clean minimalist photos with a few bright colours that show the texture of the spaces around us, but still enjoy scenes of nature and the shapes of urban buildings.