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Self Diagnosis in my Twenties by Selene Hoffstetter

Ireland’s Lost Generation by Millie Whyte

Phantom Blue by Simon Young

Down the Drain by Ailbhe Curran

Interview with Isreal Olatunde

Aislings Hands by Beth Storey

M(other) by Tara Murphy

Exaltation of Venus by David Knurowski

Sandymount Sand by Conor Killian

Plant by Lucy Bleeker

Talk by Dylan Sinott

Citrus Apathy by Aedin Jane

Her Dead Daughter by Tara Murphy

The Perfect Treehouse by Samuel Doyle

Both by Petrina Finn

Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum by Ailish NicPhaidin

Age of Resentment by John Higgins

Patchwork Quilt by Noel King

Burnt Sienna by Ella Barron Carton

And There We Met and Kept Our Secrets by Aisling Lee

The Enemy of Mankind by Maolsheachlann O’ Ceallaigh

Apocalypse in a Clown Suit by Edward O’ Dwyer

F(uck) by Josh Fortune

Interview with Victoria Sayeg

Muddied Wrists by Autumn Michels

Tasteless by Jess Brady

Unspoken by Elaine Gormley

That’s a Good Thing by Lydiah Kagwi

Act of Contrition by Aoife Ní Giolla Bháin

Mrs. McBride’s Cornflakes by Petrina Finn

Knight Takes Bishop by Adam Behan

Her Heart Was Pumping Hard by Gerard Byrne

Hen Party by Marie Reynolds

Note by Iolanda Munck

Second Sun by Caitlin Lindsay