By Autumn Michels

Art By Lucy Keegan

Dear, I’m so afraid I’ve lost your key, 
The one you entrusted to me. Please, 
Forgive me if I let it fall onto wet concrete,
I’ll pay for a new lock, 
I’ll pay for a new key.
Don’t leave me covered in the mud 
I sifted through to find 
That key, I promise 
I did my best, I just have that hole 
In my pocket. I swore it was mended I swore 
To you that I wouldn’t lose that fucking key.

You’ll still look at me 
Won’t you? 
You’ll still see a competent girl 
And not the mother 
You ridicule at the dinner table 
Snide sneers shared 
With your father you won’t 
Do that to me because you love me 
Don’t you?

If your love is worth 
A little nickel copper brass 
I’ll find some more 
Strip my wires 
Melt my collection of coins 
I’ll rip out electric sockets ‘til my nails are shorn 
And grab those wires with a clenched fist 
Make a new key and chain it to my neck 
I’ll never lose it again.

Autumn Michels

Originally from Pennsylvania, USA, Autumn now attends school at the University of Connecticut in Connecticut, USA. She is a junior majoring in Political Science and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Creative Writing has long been an interest of hers, although her interest and passion for poetry only emerged in college.

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