By Caitlin Lindsay

Art By Ash Clancy

Have you ever seen the sun at night?
Not the moon. 
Not the moon- but 
The Little Boy in the sky. 

Who could tell it’s night,
With your screaming.
And their screaming. 
Why won’t you let it stop.

Fat Man in the sky, 
Your cigar smoke, your ash
The world is your ashtray. 
Like it is theirs. 

Those who sent you.
Their big red buttons, 
Their safe houses,
Kept tight behind wallets.

We many blue,
Made to stand naked. 
You see us.
You see us- don’t feign blindness.

You, coddled white,
The matchbox you pick from
Must grin and bear
The Second Sun.

Caitlin Lindsay

Caitlin Lindsey is an eighteen-year-old A-level student just coming into her own in adulthood. She’d always had an artistic brain that she find difficult to understand at times. She has found poetry is something she can truly grasp onto to express herself.

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