By Aoife Ní Giolla Bháin

Photo “Backlit” By Charlize Du Preez

forgive me father, for I have sinned. 

I have stolen things. 
I have broken vows. 

I have forgotten things, and people
who I never should have forgot 

and father I have loved you, 
and you have loved me too. 

for I shall kneel before you. 
let my penance be your satisfaction. 

reconcile me with your grace and
it’s endless fucking blasphemy. 

forgive us Father, for we have sinned.
and please. please. do not let it pass.

Aoife Ní Giolla Bháin

Aoife Ní Giolla Bháin is a Dublin-based writer who is studying philosophy, politics, and economics at University College Dublin. She is an avid crossword player and reader of contemporary Irish fiction. Her greatest joys in life come from discussing feminism and marxism with anyone who will listen, smoking Marlboro Golds, and visiting her family on Achill Island.

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