Ireland’s Lost Generation

By Millie Whyte

Art “Reflection of an Artist” By Charlize Du Preez

The grass is so green in Ireland
And isn’t that so ironic?
The soon-to-be barren land that was once Irish
The useless noise of youth
Is used to fill a growing silence
I walk down the soon-to-be empty roads and say hello
To the grey, decaying buildings that birthed me
Gave me skin and bones and clothes to call my own
But out of these clothes, I have grown

And I’m museless, useless
Just like you
I pray to a God I don’t believe in
But the fear keeps us
You feel so connected but your heads on the table
Living in those old ideas that you no longer favour
Breaking down barriers just to look out the window in awe

Now we’re standing on the shoulder of all we used to know
And time is dripping away
Singing the same old songs that fall onto deaf ears
We too fall down, like leaves onto concrete
Your excuses work as a disguise
When you’re disgusted by what’s in front of you
And you tell us to get real jobs instead of real ideas
But time is dripping away

You set fire to my heart
And walked away with the lighter
Only adding paint to a system when it breaks
Lying in bed with the future you promised me
There’s no room for us yet
We fall by the wayside for the meantime
Hoping somethings gonna change sometime
We know somethings gotta change sometime
But time is dripping away
Ireland’s lost generation 
You took your children and sent them elsewhere

Millie Whyte

Millie Whyte is a 20 year old UCD Student from Kildare. She is in her second year studying music and philosophy in the arts programme.

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