By Petrina Finn

Art By Lucy Keegan

She sits there majestic in the sunshine.
Curious about those around,
He sits behind her.
Prompting her discreetly  
They move in tandem.
Their presence together
United by an unseen force
of mutual respect and love.

I’m overwhelmed by their presence.
as individuals and as a pair
Their auras emitting solidarity.
Strengthened over the years.

I wonder if they’re friends.
They definitely appear to be the best.
Or maybe a married couple
But to me they look like

They are both.

Petrina Finn

Married with three grown-up children she previously worked as a Physiotherapist for over 25 years with children with Intellectual Disabilities and Palliative Care needs. She has a visual impairment and is presently learning to read through the medium of Braille. Recently retired due to her visual impairment, she has taken up many different hobbies, trying out things that she put on the long finger whilst working. This includes writing – prose and some poetry. A member of the Drogheda Creative Writing Group she has attended many writing courses in the past few years. She enjoys writing about everyday life including putting a comedic twist into her work and drawing from her own life experiences

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