By Aedín Jane

Photo “Agoo, la union” By Irish Mae Llavore

I bite my lip 
act surprised when it bleeds / lap up 
the red / the clementine Sara peels paints 
her fingers sticky / the sunset dips 
us in gold / her hair swells into terracotta 
flames / I swallow a segment / chasing away 
words clogging my throat / rings glint as Sara rolls 
orange spheres between palms / the sharp tang 
of citrus fills my nose / stings my skin
a single piece for me / the rest 
for her / underside of our nails stuffed
with sour mush / she sucks away / between her 
mouth and mine / there’s much 
we don’t say / an orange sits 
in the knitted bag / since Sara left 
I’ve lost my taste

Aedín Jane

Aedín Jane is a twenty-one-year-old Irish poet and writer studying English with Creative Writing at UCD, who’s currently on exchange at the University of Connecticut in America. She likes reading on public transport and people-watching for inspiration. She enjoys fiction novels and emotional poetry, and she’s currently working on refining her poetry and working towards a collection.

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