written by Bea Basa. Bea (they/she) is a third-year Classics, English and History major at UCD. A Filipino-born native of North Dublin, she adores art in all its forms, though is partial, particularly to the visual and written. They like to write during the little free time they have, and—like many—use it as an outlet for emotion. She enjoys and encourages liberal use of the em dash. When not engaging with their discipline, you will often find them over-analysing video game narratives.

I often wonder how it feels
to be untouched,
                        unpoisoned by fear

as our footfalls echo
through the Stygian underground
so do my questions:
what will this make of us?
               (what will we become?)
will we see this through?
               (or will dread, too, strangle us in its wretched roots?)

like fingers interlaced
I am woven through life
and death
left liminal
with little more than a look

and in the spaces between
I find myself preparing
to either rejoice —

or to mourn.

for what is a journey
if not uncertain?

Image: Paddle by Robin Mentel. Robin is a passionate photographer with a special fondness for wildlife, abstract, and portrait photography but loves to try out all the different flavours of the field. The camera sees the world very differently than how we perceive the world; Robin tries to reach beyond that and show the world in alien ways that we are not used to.

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