This painting – from an exhibition called Remnant, which was held in the Cecile R Hunt Gallery, St Louis USA -was painted over a period of time after moving from my native Dublin to rural Kilkenny.

To acquaint my self locally, I started walking, and there I discovered places off the map. Holy wells still in use, and rag trees… places that had both historical and religious mean to the local community.

This painting is called Let Magenta seep through Phoenix trees (oil on linen, 157/214cm) is a result of these walks and references to rag trees where local people still gather and pray

I was born in Dublin, elected to Aostana, and now sit on the governing board. I am the mentor for the John Richardson French residency, a joint initiative from the Irish arts council and the NI arts council.
I am represented by the Solomon gallery, Dublin Ireland and Stern studio gallery Vienna Austria.

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