My name is Gabi and I am currently studying Spanish and Classical studies in UCD. Truthfully, one of my main goals was to become a graphic designer. I wasn’t confident in joining an Art college, so here I am.

Art has been a very important feature in my life. I’ve been quite introverted, as a child, and now. I used art as a time and reality escape… To float into my own realm of colour, chaos and life. I like to create non realistic pieces – something you would not see in your daily life – vibrant colours that stand out, almost like a Wonderland theme.

The creative life has helped me become who I am. I like to call it my own little therapy when times are hard. Pick up a pencil or a paintbrush and escape into your own world where it’s peaceful and just how you want it to be. Many times I’ve been told that being an “artist” won’t get me anywhere – not that I consider myself one fully. Art is a hobby which has been with me forever. I want more people to open up and reach into their inner talent – to create, produce, design etc, and not be afraid to show their true colours. 

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