{By Rory Galvin}

Artwork by Kavinraj Ragavendra Subramaniam. Their profile is available in the Art & Photography section.

Clutching overpriced sandwiches
and bottles of Diet Coke,
A good book, a newspaper for Nana,
You’re running down the dusty track
looking for the right carriage,
an old chair, and a sticky table.

[Next Stop: Kildare]

It’s not rare for the track to have a bump,
and you feel every one poking through the seat.
Everything on the table slips and falls
like they have a mind of their own.
Not a great start.

[Next Stop: Thurles]

The mid-section of Ireland is nothing but
fields and farms and rivers, and the odd town
with a newsagents (or a post office if you’re lucky).
It feels like I’m meditating, staring out of this dirty window.
As in, I’m bored out of my mind.

[Next Stop: Mallow]

The cold carriage starts to get to you.
Putting hands in your sleeves,
sleeves in your pockets.
No more sandwiches, but you’re almost there.

[Last Stop: Kent]

Brakes creak as the train slows to a crawl,
rolling across the final stretch of tracks
unceremoniously stopping where it should.

Grab your bags. Grab your rubbish.
Go enjoy a holiday you’ll probably forget.

Rory Galvin

Hi! I’m Rory. Currently doing English with Creative Writing and (I can hardly believe it myself but) I’m in my 3rd year. These poems were made fairly quickly, and without much thought, but I can assure you a lot of love was put in. Hope you enjoy!

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