It is so difficult to sit here and attempt to write about ending and encapsulating the experience of publishing issue 3 of the New Word Order as it feels like our journey with it is far from over. As Editor-in-Chief, I thought at this stage I would have more concrete advice to pass on to the next team taking on this project than “just go with it,” but I do not. However, I think rolling with the punches is something our team had to learn to do early on and this has stood to us as I now present you with the fabulous issue 3 of the New Word Order.

We are delighted to have been the first group to work on this project in person and we reveled in the exciting turmoil that was, and still is, this country’s return to normality. We battled with the effects of our own rebound to busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, as did our creators. This progression is something we tried to imbed throughout this issue, in the promotional as well as the editing stages. We progressed through the complications caused by working together again and the fear of COVID-19 that still looms over every aspect of our society, whilst trying to enjoy the experience in the safest way possible. We are also ecstatic, and I genuinely mean that, to be launching issue 3 of the New Word Order in the Museum of Literature Ireland, or MoLI as it is known by many. Having the opportunity to celebrate the talent showcased in the magazine, as well as the impressive individuals I have worked alongside throughout the whirlwind that has been the making of this publication, is something we are all so grateful for.

With that, I want to thank the amazing team behind NWO 3. Luke Murphy, our wonderful managing and co-digital editor has contributed so much to this project which has allowed everything to run smoothly. Our fantastic sub-editing teams; fiction editing was overseen by Naoise Deaney, Eilish McDonnell, and Sadhbh Lynch, poetry editing by Gavin Danaher and Fadumo Ahmed, non-fiction editing by Leah Ferguson and Art and Photography selection by Aoife McLoughlin and Siobhan Furlong. None of this would have been possible without the help of these people. I also want to thank our marketing managers, Rebecca O’Carroll and Dearbhla Gibbs, without whom no one would know about NWO 3 at all. From the outset of this project, we were extremely fortunate to have gelled so well together and I say with confidence that this experience has given me friends for life, all of whom I hope to work with again someday.

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank our tutor Priscilla Morris, who has guided us, un-invasively, through every aspect of this process. Paul Perry, our module coordinator, who has liaised with us throughout the project, offering any help he could along the way. John Matthews, who helped us overcome a number of technical difficulties associated with running a literary website. I also want to say a massive thank you to John Brannigan and the UCD School of English who have supported us with the funding necessary to get this publication off the ground as well as to celebrate this achievement in the MoLI. I would like to thank Flora Gusamo, events assistant at MoLI, for allowing us to host our event in this exquisite venue. I am extremely grateful to Doireann Ní Ghríofa, who has given us the pleasure of interviewing her for this issue, and to Eamon Colman, whose beautiful artwork and profile are featured in the art and photography section.

I extend immense gratitude to all our creators, selected and not, whose experiences we hope to elevate through every issue of this magazine. Without you, this would be a fruitless effort. The toughest part of this project was certainly narrowing down the pieces to the few we have included in this issue. For those whose submissions are not included this time, I urge you to please submit again for the Spring edition as every piece we received was of a phenomenal standard. Finally, I want to thank our readers. You are the people who keep this project going. I hope you enjoy issue 3 of the New Word Order and continue to read all of those to come in the future. 

Overall, this has been a fantastic experience, one I hope is reflected throughout this vibrant publication. Please read and enjoy the experiences enveloped in this issue, those of creators and the team behind it alike. 

Thank you and enjoy your reading.

Hannah McKevitt – Editor-in-Chief and Co-Digital Editor.

Luke Murphy – Managing Editor and Co-Digital Editor.