written by Eamonn Colfer. Eamonn is a playwright from Wexford, Ireland. He has been artistic director of Aisling Theatre since 2015, during which time he has staged his work at such venues as Wexford Arts Centre, Smock Alley Theatre and the National Opera House. He’s published a book of plays as well as short stories. he also wrote the lyrics to album Local Dignitary, released earlier this year.

Audio Recording:

When the bell sounded
For curfew’s end
I lost my way,
I lost my friends.

When trembling hands
Closed the gates,
Where the hooded guard
Sits and waits.

I followed the line
Of spooling thread,
Snow for a blanket,
A ditch for my bed.

A church of leaves,
The winnowing air,
The brides of sulphur,
With braided hair.

A hawthorn chalice,
A teeming mound
Where golden roots
Break the ground.

The laughing trees
And clouds of bone,
The marching ants
Carry me home.

Image: Tag am Meer by Robin Mentel. Robin is a passionate photographer with a special fondness for wildlife, abstract, and portrait photography but loves to try out all the different flavours of the field. The camera sees the world very differently than how we perceive the world; Robin tries to reach beyond that and show the world in alien ways that we are not used to.

Audio recording narrated and edited by Colm O’Shea. Music: A Dark but Peaceful Place by Gabriel Richards.