Dear Reader,

We decided early on that the prompt of Issue VIII of New Word Order would be about the word Journey, and what it means to you. As Editors-in-Chief, we both agree that the process of creating this issue was definitely a journey in itself. Neither of us had assumed this type of role, however with the completion of this issue, we
think it is safe to say it was a success. Reflecting back, despite our team having ups and downs, we are grateful for the opportunity to grow, improve, and create deeper connections within our team. The journey was definitely worth the end result!

We would like to thank our amazing team who worked together to create the VIII Issue of New Word Order. We first want to thank our professor, mentor, and role model Jonathan Creasy, who guided us when we would stray off our path. A big thank you to our Managing Editors, David and Chris, helped coordinate the project with grace. Our Section Editors worked tirelessly to make this issue a success, including reading, editing, and dedicating long hours to each piece. We want to thank each of our Editorial Teams for their hard work, including everyone who worked on the Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Interviews, Art, and Audio sections:
Carole, Laura, Anni, Lulu, Kate, Ella, Lara, Charline, Colm, and John. We also want to thank our Marketing and PR team, Lucy and Kate, for promoting the issue and creating a new look. Special thanks to Anni, who not only managed the numerous submissions we received and helped make our lives way easier, but also was in
charge of our beautiful website.

We want to thank everyone who submitted to our journal, regardless of acceptance, as the quality of each piece was exceptionally high. We made some very hard decisions, and wanted to include way more than our limit. Please continue to write and submit: The New Word Order would be nothing without all the writers, artists,
and creators who contribute their work.

This issue is particularly special as we have included a new section for the journal, consisting of audio recordings of selected pieces from the issue. We wanted to add this to the journal to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and inspire the teams that will come after us to continue to improve The New Word Order.

We are so proud with everything that we have accomplished and are excited to see your response to our issue. This was an incredible experience, and we look forward to seeing the impact of our issue in the ones moving forward.

We hope you enjoy the issue and happy reading!

Gemma Bini & Olivia Barabanchuk