We could be
so much more
Yet here we are.

Sleepless, because the President of America,
Said it’s okay
To maim,
stand back,
stand by.

The realisation it’s all been a lie; progress
The pendulum swings, the smug student will say
As if left, and right, were part of some game.

Sometimes it feels like/
we are waiting for the inevitable/
stand back,
stand by.

But we must know/
you cannot set fire/
to what is not flammable.

Imagine thinking this is america the great,
Imagine thinking that it ever was.
You trample on the spirits of Indigenous people,
And wonder why your country feels like a bomb?

Imagine building your country on the bed of a pyre
and thinking you wouldn’t be destroyed.

Oh, America,
stand back,
stand by.

-S. Y

S. Y

S.Y is an Arts student with a keen interest in how society and art intertwine. Their work reflects on the cacophony of modern times. They feel that there is a distinct sense of alienation and sensory overload within the world and that everything feels a bit much, but also underwhelming at the same time. Their art is political and philosophical in that it is trying to find the answers, but knows that it probably won’t.

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