by Oliver O’Conner, he/him

I went there again

And this time it didn’t feel like you…

There was no warm sunshine on my back

There was no hands intertwined 

There wasn’t a smile to greet me

There wasn’t lips on mine

I don’t think they understood

What I meant when the forest sings

When I told them if they looked just right

They could see a fairy’s wings

There was no one to chase me

As I ran towards the sea

I could taste the salt on my lips

As it all faded from me

I tried to retrace our steps

And go beyond the forbidden line

I tried to take these places

And somehow make them mine

But I was wrong to think I could

For it is yours till the end

As I am, though you seem to have forgotten

I am your eternal friend

I went there without you… 

And it killed me I’ll admit 

To touch your tree and feel your presence

Without you there to redeem it

I think a part of you lingers there still

But it’s different to me how

Sitting in the golden sand

It’s only our memories now

As they all chase the waves

And wander through the meadows

You are forever

Haunting my shadow.