by Aaron Bryne, he/him

I fall in love so often

That I’ve stopped hitting the ground.

Not that I’d stay down for long,

Lord knows I live for the rebound.

And I hate how it feels.

I don’t know what’s become of me.

That I fall head over heels

For every stranger that I see 

A pretty face,

I’m ready to be hurt.

An empty space,

And a self-insert.

But then you go.

Never to be seen again,

A crippling blow.

But I’ve moved on since then.

‘Cause I fall in love so often

That I’ve never hit the ground.

With no one ‘round to hear it,

Who’s to say I’d make a sound?

These strangers, they’ll be 

The death of me.

But I have died a thousand times


To the nearest degree

Of certainty.

Finger’s crossed the next one’s

Extra Deadly.