by Katie Farrell, she/her

We are human in our doom. 

It is our mortality that brings

us together, makes us whole,

allows the tiniest moments to 

blossom like lilies in a snowstorm. Who

would we be if immortal? Physically, 

I ask you, if we wandered the earth and her

wonders for thousands of years,

surely her beauty would wither?

Surely, if we were guaranteed forever

we would not weep for the soil

as it dries and festers in a drought? 

Would we marvel at the trees,

The fields peppered

with peonies? Yes, we honour the infinity

of nature because although its existence

will never dwindle, we will. We will perish,

but is that not the most sublime thing 

of all? We swing from the second hand

on the clock knowing one day it

will snap.