Issue 1 of the New Word Order features a team of eighteen, third year English with Creative Writing Students studying at University College Dublin. They are a mixture of Oscar Wilde enthusiasts, archery lovers and world class essay procrastinators. They combined their collective talent to bring together a magazine with pieces focused on the human experience.

Clodagh Johnston

Isabella Ambrosio

Andrew Nolan

Fiction Editors:
Grace Hicks

Thomas Finnegan

Katie Mc Cormick

Poetry Editors:
Grace Hicks

Grace Cowan

Kelsey Daly

Website and Social Media Team:
Mary Ujimakinwa

Rachel O’Hara-Wilde

Chloe O’Brien

Ross Kelly

Emily Noone

Art and Photography Editors:
Darcey Dugan

Sadhbh Lynch

Emma Torreggiani Cassar

Non-Fiction Editors:
Jack Murphy

Shane MacDomhnaill