Our first edition of The New Word Order was created with the intentions of elevating creators and the human experience. In the midst of Covid, we had no clue what this experience was going to be. During the past nine months some of us have slept, some of us have grieved, some of us wrote, some of us fell in and out of love, and some people published a magazine. 

Despite us having gone through the past year individually, there was a collective voice that emerged. In these writing, pictures and art works we saw that love, grief, tenderness, hardships, questionings of sexuality and the general uncertainties of life. Our editorial teams sought after pieces which looked at life through different lenses, seeking a range of varying pieces. In them we hope you can find a reflection of your own experiences as well as experiences which challenge your own normalities. 

Thank you to all of you who have submitted, thank you to all of those that read our first issue.

Peace out, 

Clodagh Johnston (co-editor)
Isabella Ambrosio (co-editor)
Andrew Nolan (managing editor)