written by Orla Malin. Orla has been writing poetry since she was a kid and it has always been a source
of comfort for her throughout her life. Her favourite poem is ‘Antarctica’ by Derek Mahon who she would say is her biggest poetry inspiration, alongside her wonderful mum Mary, who has always encouraged her in everything she does.

Goddess of hunters, patron of nature, of

childbirth, protector of virgins

I sink my knees into the dirt at your feet,

under the shadows of the west tower.

The weathering of lead makes you look tired

and your hands are empty

Still, there is something I recognise

Your corporeal form is unraveling,

carnal desires that have carved you more than sculptor

You saw me last the day I entered here as a child

and left a woman,

unbecoming, my form unraveling,

and the taste of iron on my lips

and you,

in all your glory

watched my writhing

as one would watch a creature beached

Could you not curse him like you did Actaeon? Let him

stumble into the teeth of his own jaws?

I was defenseless,

naked as you were,

stripped not of cloth but something more

But I have forgiven you

Your divinity escaped you like it did me

and you and I were the same,

flesh and bones and blood,

scared children on their knees

Image: Greek Lovers by Charline Chatelain. Charline is a third year student in English and Creative Writing at UCD and a multidisciplinary artist, who particularly enjoys writing poetry and creating mixed forms of art.

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