A Party

For these pieces I tried to take pictures of literal strangers, people
about there day doing work, travelling or just relaxing for a quiet
smoke. I changed the colours to suite the atmosphere of the location.
Outside was to be cold and dark and inside to be warm and light.
Strangers are always surrounded in mystery and that’s why in my
compositions there is always an element of a story happening, the
subject is doing something, they are shrouded in darkness. The pieces
are meant to be a teaser to a story greater than a single photo.
That’s what a stranger is, when you see a stranger, there is only a
brief glimpse from there appearance or actions that can give an
insight into their life and story.

Chillin in the Grass
Dude by WowBurger
Outside a Bar
Waiter at Work
Walking Man
Cool Bike
Doorona Roof
Dublin Bus
Outside Bar Different Angle
Tattoo Shop
Taxi Alley