by Ella Padden (she/they)

Photography by Donncadh MacMáigh.

we joke about stealing gourds from the garden, 

squash in a tote bag, pumpkin under a coat. 

our laughter rises, echoing my mother tapping fresh produce at a market. 

here, the red sun shines as life continues to cycle on. here, i am struck by the past and the 

present and the promise of a future all over again.

Ella Padden

Ella Padden is an international student from Minnesota, and has been writing poetry for about a decade. Their writing focuses on relationships, religion, and the little wonders in everyday life. When she is not writing or studying, Ella likes to read, travel, and try as many new experiences as she can with her friends. For them, poetry is the physical manifestation of an unsent letter to anyone and anything.

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