by Robyn Kelly (they/she)

Artwork by Erlan Dzhumaliev.

The moon is beautifully languid in the sky.
Head hanging softly as the sun retires yet again,
The reflection of the sky, like an oil painting in the cobble stone.
The majestic black cat, casting her shadow like a show.
The delicate winds humming their tune through the empty streets.

All the things that rise when we fall,
that come alive as we draw the curtains.
The show must go on for the stage that’s never set.
The imperceptible things of our day become the palpable performers of the night.

And then finally, the spotlight announces the start of another day.
The cast retires and the happenings of dawn arrive once again.

Robyn Kelly

Robyn has just completed her BA in Music and Drama and is hoping to start her Masters in Creative Writing next year. This year she is dedicating her time to crafting a portfolio and expanding her skills in a part-time creative writing course with Lisa Harding in Blackrock. She has decided to submit her poetry as she feels it is the medium she has seen the most growth in over the past year. She focuses a lot on personal stories as well as fictional. Her work tends to revolve around a specific feeling or image specific to the piece.

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