written by Thomas O’Donovan. Thomas (he/him) is a writer/musician from Castletownbere, Co. Cork. He has been previously published in Paper Lanterns and has had an article published on the Irish Writers Centre website.

I knew I loved
You when we met
Because I was like
Ramplant flora
Sprouting all over,
Daffodils falling
From my ears.

A living ecosystem
I sustained,
A vegetation
Of flux, shifting
In me, day to day.

New species flourished
With each message
And every intimation
Of touch, obliterated
This ecosystem.

You grew on me,
Distorting my self.
My ecosystem
Grew, but its many
Helixes were skewered
Through with your initials,
Your radioactivity
Altering my chemistry.

Time passes, and the system
Is more stable now.
The shifting climate
Has stabilised and there is
New peace which brings new
Comfort. The flowers still grow
And some still spurt
Unexpectedly. I still cannot
Quantify their meanings
Or categorise their colours.
I do not know the nomenclature.

All I have is
A verdant garden,
Leaking colour
Into my life.

Image: Midsummer by Laima Grasmane. Laima is a passionate textile artist who loves to express herself with bright colors, not only through fiber art but also through painting. She is inspired by Latvian culture and mentality, music and magic. In art, she pays attention to qualities such as joy of life and wit. Her main love is for tapestry, but she likes to create all sorts of textile art, like tufting, embroidery and knitting.


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