The midnight cravings come crawling, creeping. 
The way an old lover slips sighing into new sheets 
After a long day’s long work, so far away. 
And you feel the empty so vividly, every colour at once 
Mixing. A medley of deficit mingles for that moment 
Of affectionate envy. To stare content at eyelashes kissing cheeks,
Making you momentarily weak, oh to touch instead of speak!
Jealous of a future late-night whispers, strangers that are 
Ever soft, ever softer. 

Burn now and burn louder, scream and wring every piece of us
Out of this near-dry cloth. Tender cotton cradles all that we are, 
I ache to keep you closer than beside me. 
But it is easier to hide, to let it slide away and regret. 
Regret is simple, envy is easy and she- the future she
That I know there will be, she will be perfect to hate. 
But not yet, not yet. To watch you breathe is my dreams 
And I am waking. 

-Úna Nolan

Úna Nolan

These poems are a selection of words that came to Úna Nolan when she was feeling some sort of overwhelming emotion. While she adores writing, she is lazy and procrastinates so these poems came to her in different rushes of feeling. Primarily, they are, like everything, about love.

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